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Choosing a surgeon

Okay, you've already decided that breast augmentation or eyelid surgery could dramatically change your life for the better. Next step: Choosing the most qualified cosmetic surgeon you can find; a person in whom you have complete confidence and with whom you are perfectly at ease. After all, cosmetic surgery produces just what it promises: "Life [...]

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Breast Augmentation Means Confidence

Breast Augmentation Means Confidence As with many procedures in plastic surgery, the desire for and goal of breast augmentation is more than cosmetic beauty. Often, the feeling that their breasts are too small bothers women. Perhaps, weight loss, the birth of a child, genetic underenlargement and even age have left breasts smaller or less firm [...]

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Botox called “Miraculous”

Botox called "Miraculous" Botulinum toxin Botox'") has been hailed as nothing less than a "revolutionary" new treatment for the long-lasting elimination of facial wrinkles. Botox lives up to the headlines Recently approved for cosmetic application by the Food and Drug Administration, Botox has been used by ophthalmologists to treat nervous twitching of the eyelid since [...]

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ClearLightTM means clear skin

So often when a patient goes to a plastic surgeon, he or she envisions a "new beauty" that is merely skin deep: a few less wrinkles, a more aesthetically pleasing nose, a tighter tummy. With the advances made in the art and science of plastic and reconstructive surgery over just the past few years, achieving [...]

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There is an old saying that beauty is “skin deep”

There is an old saying that beauty is "skin deep". That's not the case at all. When one experiences beauty, particularly the beauty of oneself that joy permeates not only throughout the person's body, but deeply into that person's psyche and in his or her very own philosophy of life. I am fortunate in that [...]

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Massiha – The Art & Science of Plastic Surgery in the 21st Century

Dr. Hamid Massiha brings more than 30 years experience to each procedure he personally designs and performs to enhance the appearance and self-esteem of his patients. That "experience" which the world renowned plastic surgeon brings to each patient, however, is not limited to his countless thousands of hours in surgery. Dr. Massiha’s hundreds of writings [...]

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